Advanced Clear Skin Serum + Vitamin C, Tea Tree Oil, Niacinamide, Retinol

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About the Product
  • 20% Vitamin C with Niacinamide- These two wonder ingredients have powerful anti-inflammatory properties and have been proven to protect collagen and skin elasticity, as well as drastically slowing the process of aging skin. No anti-aging regimen would be complete without them. Look out, here comes younger looking skin!
  • Tea Tree Oil has long been know to be a natural but effective anti acne treatment. In fact studies have shown tea tree oil to be as effective against acne as benzoyl peroxide, but without many of the side effects. Tea tree oil works as a natural disinfectant that dries and kills acne causing bacteria.
  • Retinol Works Wonders - This “Rockstar” ingredient Boosts collagen production which means smoother healthier looking skin. Retinol is proven to fill in and diminish fine lines and wrinkles, brown spots disappear, and overall skin appearance looks more healthy and hydrated.
  • Salicylic Acid- This exfoliator breaks apart and dissolves oils that bind together acne causing bacteria. unclog pores, and encourages skin exfoliation. They eliminate inflammation and redness. Results include Increases cell turnover which means the skin grows faster, increases collagen production, and fades discolorations caused by the sun. The result is brighter, smoother, and a more consistently toned skin appearance.
  • Anti Aging and Anti Acne Skin Clearing - Premium and natural formula contains a powerful antioxidant and skin regeneration combination. Ingredients designed to exfoliate, lighten, repair, hydrate, and protect skin cells for immediate and long term skin health. Skin Daily Skin Clearing Serum is the perfect “First Step” in the battle against aging and blemishes. Fades sun spots and brown spots and clears up acne, generally restoring your skins youth and beauty.