Age Defense Eye Serum

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About the Product
  • PROFESSIONAL UNDER EYE CREAM SERUM - Premium formula contains a powerful yet delicate blend of skin restoring amino acids, hyaluronic acid, anti-aging peptides, jojoba oil, and cucumber hydrosol. Ingredients designed to reduce puffy eyes, remove swelling and bags under the eyes, eliminate unsightly dark circles, and tighten the delicate skin around the eye. The result is younger looking, more healthy, tighter, and softer skin around and under the eyes.
  • AMINO ACIDS ARE ESSENTIAL to long term beautiful and more youthful looking (and feeling) skin. Amino acids are quite literally the building blocks that make up all protein, most importantly collagen. The amino acids found in Skin Daily’s Re-New Eye Serum are specifically formulated to give your skin the optimum amino acids needed to hydrate, repair, and regenerate the skin around and under your eyes. The result is the elimination of wrinkles, bags, dark circles, puffy, and swollen eyes.
  • COOL SOOTHING CUCUMBER AND ALOE COMBO is almost addicting in how refreshing it makes you feel, an provides immediate relief for dark circles and all swelling under the eyes. Skin Daily Re-New Eye Serum is the perfect solution to turn back the clock on tired and aged looking eyes.
  • MOISTURIZE AND HYDRATE WITH HYALURONIC ACID AND VITAMIN E - Hyaluronic acid holds 1000 times its weight in water. Talk about skin hydration! No premium eye cream serum would be complete without this "wonder ingredient".
  • WHY IS SKIN DAILY EYE SERUM THE BEST? The answer is quite simple. Our serum contains only GREAT ingredients and nothing less. Premium ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, Amino Acids, Aloe, Peptides, Cucumber Water, and Jojoba Oil. For quality, Our Re-New Eye Serum is formulated in small micro-batches, bottled just-in-time to meet demand, and shipped as soon as your order is placed.